Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Bread Kit

1. Pastry Cloth or Linen
2. Bucket or Bowl
3. Lid for the Bucket, Obviously
4. Knife, Scorer, or Lame
5. Kitchen Scale
6. Bowl Scraper
7. Pullman Loaf Pan + Lid
8. Baking Stone

Today, Let's Talk about Basic Bread Kit.
These are the real objects that I am currently baking with, except the pullman pan, if you really really want a vintage one like I have, look on Ebay for Mirro pans.

1. A Linen is for resting your loaves on while they proof. I use mine to hold my batards and demi-baguettes as they rest. I also use this to line a large bowl for my boules.

2. I bought this commercial grade Cambro bucket and am SO happy with it.  The lid sits on nice, not too tight, not too loose and the markings on the side make it very clear if my dough has doubled.  It comes in many sizes.  The trick is to make sure you get a lid that fits.  I also found something like this, but square at my local Sam's Club.

3. This is that lid.

4. I am a huge fan of folding pocket knifes, have been since I was little.  So in my search for a lame I liked, I found this.  It is so sharp, scoring my loaves used to a chore, and now, it's just excellent.  It is compact and has a nice weight, doesn't feel cheap at all.

5. I got this when I was learning to make french macarons.  I am never going back! My mom asked me for the cups and tsp's of a bread recipe and it was ridiculous.  Like 3 cups, 1 1/2 Tbsp, 2 1/2 tsp flour ridiculous.
Get one that zeros out in between ingredients. (Tare)

6. You just need one of these for bread making, it's so nice.  Otherwise you end up using a rubber scraper or a table knife to try and get your dough out. Doable, but less fun.

7. This is for sandwich loaves.  I like a nice perfectly square loaf.  If you like the little puff tops, get a regular loaf pan, or get a pullman pan and bake with the top off. We are talking consistently crispy crusts all the way around.

8. Baking stone or Pizza stone's are helpful for demi-baguettes, batards, and any other loaf that isn't pan baked.  All your hearth loaves can benefit from a stone.   I baked on two stacked, overturned baking sheets. When I purchased this stone, my bread baked much better. If you only bake sandwich bread, you do NOT need this.

Got Questions? Comment below, I will do my best to answer them. 

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