Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some New Things

this week i have buried my work station (read: coffee table) with drawing boards. each one was covered in small watercolor paper pieces. i drew a unique image on each one and then painted them all myself.
I HAD SO MUCH FUN that i am doing it again this week.
but first, how to clear some space: List them for you to love of course.

i am listing 17 original pieces in my etsy shop.
this is Sarah and her Gameboy. i just love her pink hair.

also retro and ruby's has a facebook page now!
i will be posting late night work photos, letting you know about sales before hand. you will also be able to post there and ask questions and things.

what would you like to see posted there, sweethearts?

1 comment:

Sharon Bull said...

Hi Marina,

So glad to see you are blogging again. Love your art work! I am trying to develop my sketching skills and would love some tips from you. Thanks Sharon

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