Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Sketching Process Tutorial

1. place the head, this will give you the top of the figure and a place to start the body from.

2. sketch out the body and what you want the character to be doing.

3. figure out what you want the hair and clothes to be and draw in a few guidelines. i add  in the cast shadow as well.

4. ink in the details and extras. it is okay to change your original idea as you ink in. you can see i fixed her pigtails and added in some text.

5. allow the ink to dry (i skipped this step and ended up with streaky lines.) and erase the pencil really well. now your ready to add color with your choice of materials.

i hope this little tutorial helped or was at least interesting!

sweethearts, how do you decide what to draw?

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Anonymous said...

I love you.

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