Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Uh Oh...


how do you get dressed on days when you don't feel pretty?

im not gonna lie, i ended up in jeggings, a stretchy tank top and a headband today.
when i took off the headband, my bangs where sticking up Meet the Robinsons style... not awesome.

1. ignore the mirror and clock.
just because you have bed face and raccoon eyes and its 2pm doesn't mean you can be lazy. (unless you will see no one but your cat or you are genuinely sick)

2. shower and wash your hair.
when you have bedhead, change it, don't let it control you!

3. check your nails.
if you are an artist, you spend a lot of time with your eyes pointed, if not looking at, your nails. if they look like junk, polish those babies up.

4. put on a funky but comfortable and slouchy sundress.
if i had done this instead of making a B-line for my sports bra, i would have been happier. (and maybe those project runway reruns wouldn't have made me feel so bad.)

5. at LEAST go for foundation.
hit the mascara up, maybe chapstick.

thats maybe 1 hour worth of work.
and then when your husband brings a friend home for dinner... you won't look scary.

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