Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Cure to the Chills

i have been feeling under the weather, and will admit, full of self pity.
So today, i began to clean my house and ended up inadvertently boiling potatoes for homemade gnocchi.
my mom made gnocchi when i was younger and it is my favorite italian dish.
it is a fluffy, soft, dissolve in your mouth potato based pasta.
i have been guiltily, greedily consuming videos and recipes for gnocchi for over a week and finally caved even though my kitchen is still a disaster.
thanks to my new favorite blog: delicious days
(did not photograph my gnocchi, was too busy eating them. so i borrowed her photo, hope she doesnt mind.)
and the trusty food network website: Gnocchi Recipe

i now have about a pound of gnocchi warm in a big bowl to eat and share and refrigerate for later.
and another 3 pounds of dough in my fridge for when i get sick of eating out.
(worse newly weds ever.)

my favorite part was mashing the warm potatoes through a strainer to fluff them and having a giant pile of little potato shavings grow bigger and bigger.

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